New Products and a Summer Promotion

This year is flying by, I’ve barely had time to get in my workroom with everything else that is going on. I have, however, managed to whip up some new products to tempt you with and have a few other ideas in the works.

Firstly, I’d like to let you know that from now until the end of September (2013), you will get a code with every purchase that entitles you to 15% off your next purchase from my website. Also, as always, free shipping worldwide when you spend over £20 GBP.

Secondly, there are a few new items that have recently been added to my store including these two beautiful silver pendants. Head on over and have a look









bottle cap pendants



I now offer a range of Bottle Cap Pendants, you can pick from a large range of pre-designed ones or ask me to make a custom one for you for the same price.




I also have a selection of sale items that have 50% or more off. These items are very limited stock and once they are gone, they are gone. head on over to my Sale Section to see what is on offer.

New Year, New Products and New Projects

Happy New Year . . . OK, I’m a whole 3 months behind with the whole ‘New Year’ thing, for that I apologise. In my defence I have been busy making new products to tempt you all with and taking part in new projects.

Dragon earrings 

First up, I have a whole range of beautiful Tibetan silver charm earrings at the bargain price of £3.50. Click the linky photo thingy to check out what beautiful ear wear you can have.




jelly baby bracelet


Secondly, I opened a Sweet Shop . . . well, an online Schweet Shoppe, full of yummy sweets, none of which you can eat as they are wearable candy (and biscuit) jewellery. Indulge your sweet tooth without gaining weight by clicking on the photo.





fish bone earrings


Thirdly, I have a Spring Promotion running where you can get a free pair of ‘Glow in the dark’ fish bone earrings and there is still some codes left to be used, so get in quick to receive 20% off your total purchase before they are used up. Click the photo to find full details of my Spring Promotion.




choclate stars


Also, buy anything from my new Sale section and you’ll receive a cute pair of chocolate star earrings. Everything in this section is half price and once it’s gone, it’s gone.





And now for the New Projects that have been keeping me so busy . . .

Head on over to to find out a little about the Roller Derby team I set up in December and their fundraising efforts as they take part in Race for Life.

Also, I learnt to crochet . . . and I am just a little addicted to it

R2D2 Hat  princess leia hat

minion hat








egg cosies Armadillo

minion hat2

New Products, Promotions and Geekiness

Wow, Summer is really underway . . . although it’s been raining here for what seems like an eternity. Still, that just means we get to stay in and I get some quality time in my workroom.

I’ve had a steady amount of orders to make up, I’ve been experimenting with a new etching technique, I’m trying to woo a potential bulk purchaser . . . I think if I offer them cake I may just swing it, and I’ve been giving in to the geeky side.

First on the agenda . . . my Summer Promotion is still running until 31st August 2012, get scratch cards with your orders, each scratch card is a winner. Full details of this promotion can be found here.

Secondly . . . I am taking part in Laughing Vixen’s Birthday Murder Mystery Giveaway. Find out what prizes are on offer and how to take part over at Laughing Vixen Lounge.

Thirdly . . . there is now a whole host of new items available to purchase in my online store. Find a selection of them below.

crossbow pendant


Pretty much carrying on the whole zombie, Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon love . . . I made a silver crossbow pendant. I intend to send the first one I made to Norman Reedus and you all should keep reminding me as I still haven’t parcelled it up yet.







What budding serial killer would be without their bloodied cleaver? Show your love for the psycho killer film genre with this silver pendant. Less likely to get you arrested and more likely to be acceptable in polite society.




golden snitch


Love Harry Potter? Waiting for your Hogwarts letter? Worry not, with this beautiful Golden Snitch necklace every day will be like quidditch pratice.





If, like me, you got thoroughly engrossed in the Game of Thrones TV series and can not wait for next season to air,




Winter is Coming . . . Not that summer has felt very summery, but nevertheless, House Stark’s moto is bound to come true. Show your support for Ned Stark’s remaining family by wearing their Dire Wolf sigil round your neck.






Fire and Blood . . . show your support for Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons by wearing the House Targaryen three headed dragon sigil round your neck.




There are plenty of other new items in my store too, ranging from Despicable Me minion earrings to Shamballa style bracelets and Ouija board necklaces. Take a look around my online shop and see if anything catches your eye.

Summer Scratch Cards

Welcome to my Summer Promotion. This promotion will be running from 8th May 2012 until 31st August 2012

Scratch Card



Over recent months I’ve given away free earrings and had Shiny Raffles . . . this time is completely different . . . and also a lot more work for lil ole me.

I made my own scratch cards . . . 81 of the lil things. You know I love you all right?  Each card has a prize code for discounts and money off, so literally every card is a winner.



How Do You Win?

Every customer between now and 31st August 2012 will receive a prize winning scratch card with their purchase.

Spend under £15 and you will receive one scratch card.

Spend between £15 and £25 to receive two scratch cards.

Spend over £25 to receive three cards.

*note – free shipping to anywhere when you spend over £20*

What Can You Win?

*   24 prizes of £2.50 off in my Earring Department

*   24 prizes of 10% discount on anything in the LittleFairy Store

*   24 prizes of 20% discount on anything in the LittleFairy Store

*    6 prizes of 40% discount on anything in the LittleFairy Store

*    2 prizes of 50% discount on anything in the LittleFairy Store

*    1 prize of £25 off anything in the LittleFairy Store

With the exception of the earrings prize, all other discounts/money off will be applied to your basket total at checkout.

Each code is valid until 31st December 2012

Only one code can by used per transaction

Each code can be used only once per customer – if you receive two or more of the same code, please email me at so I can provide you with an alternative code.

There is a minimum spend of £25 applied to the £25 prize.


New Products for Spring


Back in my workroom, back making jewellery, back drinking copious amounts of coffee . . . but not yet back in my skinny jeans.




First up . . . Please welcome the newest and littlest fairy that joined us on 21/02/12. Our new son Jacob (Baby Jake).





Secondly . . . now I can reach my workbench again, seen as my bump is no longer a bump and is now a very vocal small human, items in the Precious Metal Jewellery and Supernatural Inspired Jewellery sections of my online shop are now available to pre-order again.

Lastly, but not leastly . . . I have been making new products that are now available to purchase.  Purchase between now and the end of April to qualify for a free pair of Star earrings. Check out my Easter Promotion for details.


Available to purchase individually or in sets of 6. simply click the image to be taken to the relevant page in my shop.

butterfly set

critter set







flower set

fruit set







Each bracelet has one of three Marvin the Martian quotes and includes a handmade polymer clay Marvin the Martian clay charm.

Choose from ‘Halt, and be fricasseed’; ‘Oh! Mutiny makes me so angry!’ and ‘A mission? I’m all of a-tingle!’









Available in many colours with a Shrink plastic charm of your choice (artwork, family photo, etc)


Easter Promotion

easter-eggs (1)


As a thank you for your continued support I will be running this promotion until the end of April 2012.

star earrings All customers purchasing jewellery from my online store between 1st April 2012 and 30th April 2012 will receive a free pair of earrings.

First 10 customers will receive the earrings pictured . . . these stars are made from pearlescent polymer clay with a pink, faceted glass, teardrop setting hanging from them on silver plated, ear hooks.

Customers after these are gone will receive Star earrings without the teardrop setting (these can be made with any colour wash you would like instead of the pink).



*Please note – that you may opt to have one set of either pair of earrings if I have both available

                       – I do not offer a cash alternative

The Wonderful World of Chibi Charms

Chibi – A term used by anime/manga fans to refer to small and detailess characters. "Chibi" characters are often used to represent a form of cuteness. It can also be used to indicate small characters.

With the arrival of our new addition mere weeks away I have been looking for things to help me pass the time. Nothing too time consuming or tiring or energetic. As many of you may have seen I have started making cute little Chibi charm keychains/bag charms.  I admit, I am addicted to making these and I am planning on adding a few more to my webstore when I can make them.

Star Wars Chibi

My first Chibi range is Star Wars inspired Chibi charms. You can purchase Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda or Obi Wan Kenobi. *Luke’s and Obi Wan’s LightSabers glow in the dark* All come on a handmade Kumihimo braided keychain in black and white or you can contact me to have the braid in alternative colours.

Available to purchase via clicking on the photo.









zombie chibi


Of course, I can’t go making new items without making something ‘zombie’ related too. So I made cute little Zombie Bride and Groom Chibi charms.

You can buy both keychains for £10. The perfect gift for any zombie obsessed bride and groom.

Available to purchase via clicking on the photo.








custom chibi

I intend to make different ranges of these Chibi charms, and have had a few requests for specific ones. So, I decided to open up a Custom Chibi page in my webstore. I’d already made Shaun of the Dead and Loki for a customer who wanted them as charms to make into her own jewellery, so decided I’d offer that option too. Now you can order your very own Custom Chibi charm to either use to make your own jewellery or you can purchase them ready made into keychains/bag charms.

Please contact me via my email/contact tab if you are unsure. I am willing to make a Chibi charm for you to see photos of before you purchase it.

Available to purchase via clicking on the photo.

If you have any ideas for Chibi charm ranges that you’d like to see, please feel free to leave comments or contact me via Twitter . . . yes, I have already planned on making a Supernatural range and a Walking Dead range

Happy New Year and Maternity Leave

Wow! A New Year is upon us, I’d love to say it’s gone quickly, but it’s dragged a lot for me due to my expanding bump. 2011 has been a fantastic year for Jewellery by Little Fairy Cult and I’m hoping 2012 proves to be just as good, if not better.

I’d like to thank all my customers for purchasing my handmade jewellery and for supporting me in this venture. It’s been a true blessing getting to know you all and I look forward to interacting with new and current customers in 2012.


As most of you are aware, I am expecting a new Little Fairy to add to my brood. Also, as many of you may have seen at Christmas, my baby bump is huge and kind of getting in the way. With this in mind, I have had to stop making my various metal pendants and jewellery as I can’t get close enough to my workbench to saw these items. Highly amusing but none-the-less annoying. As you browse my webstore you will notice that all these items are showing as ‘out of stock’ at present.

In view of this, I have extended my January Sale to last until 17th February 2012 *my expected due date* You can find all items that I have in stock here all at a fantastic 50% off. There is only one available for most of these items, so grab them now.

I do intend to be adding more bead/polymer clay items to my webstore as and when I get the time and energy to make them.


Back by popular demand . . . Free Polymer Clay Rose Earrings!

polymer clay roses

red polymer clay roses

whit clay roses










Spend over £15 in one transaction and receive a free pair of these earrings in any colour you would like.

Spend over £25 in one transaction and receive free shipping and two pairs of these earrings in any colours you would like.



I have shut my Etsy store. I very rarely use it and it’s just another thing to remember to update or add stuff to. All the items that were previously only stocked in my Etsy store are now available in my webstore and are also part of the sale. Find them all here.

I have also added a new category to my webstore – Jewellery Findings in this section you will find hand made pendants that you can purchase and use to make your own beautiful jewellery with. Feel free to contact me if there is any kind of pendant or charm that you would like to see made available.


May I take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best for 2012 and I look forward to introducing my new addition to you all when he chooses to make an appearance.

ZombieACRES Guest Blog and UK Competition


Just incase none of you were aware already,  I’ll let you into a secret . . . I love the Zombie genre. I am a fully fledged zombie obsessed geek and proud. So, bagging ZombieACRES for a guest post is pretty much amazing. Now, I could prattle on about Joshua and his work but he very nicely saved me the time by doing the hard work for me, leaving me free to go read his newest ebook, AiZ: Alice in Zombieland. Enjoy, visit his site, enter the competition, check out his Ebook and share with everyone you know.

ZA-logo3-mid-rgb header


260493_240451615983268_216734301688333_958383_2160531_n-300x225-crop Hello everyone. My name is Joshua Cook and I am a freelance writer for hire. Let me first start this little post off by saying thank you to Sandra for giving this space to do this little shameless self promotion. I also want to thank you readers for taking the time to read this shameless plug.

I am actually here to plug two big events right now. The first one is very cool because it is only for residents of the United Kingdom. I was approached by the Blackpool Tower Dungeon attraction to run a contest through my website I love being able to give my readers something for free, so I jumped at the chance.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is a funny and scary trip through history. Learn about tales of torture and comedy from actors in several shows. Just when you think you cannot handle anymore, you get to end your trip with a thrilling ride on the Extremis drop. The winner of this contest will win admission for four (4) to ANY of the Dungeon attraction locations. All you have to do is tweet why you should win to @ZombieACRES. Include hashtag #BlackpoolDungeon. On February 1, 2012, I will select a winner from all of the entrants. For more information on this, and many other contests, please visit Contests.


ebook cover 02 The second major event is the release of my newest ebook, AiZ: Alice in Zombieland. For months I have been weaving the lives of Gee, Sam, and Alice through tales of extreme loss, heartache, and action. Gee’s little sister, Alice, has been taken from her after being attacked by a zombie. When she awakens from being knocked unconscious by mysterious masked men, Alice is gone and in her place sits Sam Ashe.

Sam Ashe is a zombie obsessed geek who finally had his chance to show he is a hero, and not just a geek. While saving his fiancee, Heather, and her friend, the trio are attacked and he is forced to kill Heather after she is attacked by an undead monster. Now he has vowed to find out why they were attacked and exact revenge on the one company that has caused this trouble.

Roslun Global is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. In 2010, William Lohman made world history by holding an interview as the first ever talking zombie. He revealed secrets about Roslun Global, a secret zombie testing facility called Zombie A.C.R.E.S., and atrocities performed by the head of Roslun Global, Richard Roslun. Nine years later, Roslun is almost ready to unleash his Second Birth Serum on the world, but he needs one final test subject to ensure it is ready.

Will Gee find and save Alice? Will Sam ever get revenge for Heather’s murder? What lengths will Richard Roslun go to for power and money?

AiZ: Alice in Zombieland is an ebook exclusive story that will test the bonds of love and family through zombies and action. Besides being a great story in itself, AiZ is a precursor to the first Zombie A.C.R.E.S. comic series – being made with Ratatat Graphics and Danny Sosa Art. Pick it up between Christmas Day and the end of the year for only 99 cents at and Amazon Kindle. Watch for AiZ: Alice in Zombieland in other major catalogs in January of 2012.

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas


Wishing all my Family, Friends and Customers a wonderful festive period and a best wishes for the 2012


All items in my shop that are made to order have been updated and are only available to pre-order now. This means that your item will not be with you until the New Year, regardless of the country the item is to be shipped to. Please note that any orders between now and Christmas will still qualify for the free Rose Earring promotion

All orders that have already been purchased have been shipped and should reach you in time for Christmas. Any of the pre-made items in the Little Fairy Store will be shipped immediately but I can not guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, unless you are based in the UK.

Also you can find a selection of pre-made Little Fairy Cult jewellery that is only available to purchase via Etsy by clicking on this link


Please find below a table of Last Recommended Postage dates for the Christmas period.

Last recommended posting services Service
Wed 14th December Standard Parcels
Sat 17th December Second Class and Recorded Signed For™
Tue 20th December First Class and Recorded Signed For™
Wed 21st December Parcelforce express48
Thu 22nd December Parcelforce express24
Special Delivery™
Thu 22nd December Special Delivery™
Fri 23rd December Special Delivery™ with Saturday Guarantee
International Surface Mail
Fri 30th September Non-European destinations except Middle East, South Africa, Far East, USA and Canada
Tue 4th October Middle and Far East (except Hong Kong and Singapore)
Tue 18th October South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA and Canada
Tue 8th November Eastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Iceland
Tue 22nd November Western Europe
International Airmail
Mon 5th December South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand
Fri 9th December Eastern Europe, USA and Canada
Mon 12th December Western Europe