Custom Pieces

Silver Heart/Wire Necklace

Heart/wire design Basic design for the silver Heart/Wire necklace. Designed by the customer herself.



silver hearts                                            Sawed out silver heart shapes


attaching wire

Preparing to solder the wire to the hearts




soldered                                                                                                                  First part of wire soldered to hearts


all soldered

Main part of necklace soldered together



Making links                                                                                               Making silver oval/half twisted links from round links


starting the chain

Starting to add the links for the chain



finished                                                                                                           Polished up and ready to go

Silver Butterflies Necklace


The basic design for the silver Butterflies Necklace.




221197_10150220360382565_272500357564_8657291_5332268_o                                                                                                Shaping the silver wire for the main part of the necklace.



Ready to solder the main part together.



219479_10150220550602565_272500357564_8659006_5953404_o                                                                                              Wire part soldered together, ready to add the butterflies.


First little butterfly sawn out.


220787_10150225482007565_272500357564_8705477_6827153_o                                                                         Both butterflies pierced out and ready to be soldered onto wire piece.




Butterflies soldered into place, ready to start the chain.










Starting to make the bar links for the chain.











                                                                                            Adding the links.



Finished silver Butterflies necklace.


Silver Bat Necklace at a Photo Shoot

littlefairycultweb It’s always amazing to see pictures of my Custom Pieces being worn.  It was fantastic to see this piece in pictures of the Burlesque routine it was made for and now I have pictures of the silver bat necklace being worn for a Halloween themed Photo Shoot from last year.


Firstly, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the amazing Violet Eyes for emailing these photos to me and allowing me to share them with you.  She really is as awesome as she is prettyful *in real life as well as photo shoots*

You can find out more about this amazing lady over at the Violet Eyes website *NSFW*

witch web


If any of you have any pictures of you wearing my jewellery, it’d be great to get them uploaded onto here. Hmmmmmmmm!!!! Maybe a regular feature?

Silver Bat Necklace

db_bat1 The bat sawn out.


db_bat2                                                                                                   Piercing out the wings.


db_bat3 Sawing out the Bat’s body.


db_bat4                                                                                                      Bat body attached.


db_bat5 Soldering the setting onto the Bat.


db_bat6                                                                                                Checking how the Garnet looks.


db_bat7  Attaching the chain.


db_bat8                                                                                                   Ready to add the Garnet.



db_bat102 The finished silver Bat necklace.




Being worn by it’s owner

Violet Eyes

Silver Bat Cave Necklace

BC1 The basic design for the silver Bat Cave necklace.



BC3                                                                                              Preparing the silver for etching.


BC4  After the etching process.



BC5                                                                                                Piercing out the cave design.


BC6 Ready to be made into a pendant.


BC7                                                                                                Starting the links.



BC8 Twisting the links.




BC20 Attaching the links together.













BC22                                                                          Attaching the fastener.


BC23 The finished silver Bat cave necklace.


Silver Butterflies Necklace

db_butterfly1 The basic design for the silver Butterflies necklace.



db_butterfly2                                                                                                Ready to start sawing out the butterfly.


db_butterfly4 Starting to pierce out the Butterfly.



db_butterfly5                                                                                                Main butterfly pierced out.


db_butterfly6 Starting the smaller butterflies.



db_butterfly7                                                                                         Connecting the butterflies together.


db_butterfly8 Adding the chain.










db_butterfly92 The finished silver Butterflies necklace.


Silver Butterfly Dragon Necklace

bd The basic design for the Butterfly Dragon necklace.



bd1                                                                                                 Preparing to saw out the wing.


bd2 The wings pierced out.



bd3                                                                                                Two parts of the wings pierced out.


bd4All of the wing parts pierced out.



bd6                                                                                      Ready to attach the components together.



bd5 Wing parts soldered together.




                                                                                                  Ready to attach the chain.


bd8  Making the links for the chain.













bd20                                                                                Attaching the chain.


bd21 The finished silver Butterfly Dragon necklace.

Silver Single Butterfly Necklace

b1 The basic design for the Butterfly necklace.



b2                                                                                                         Ready for etching.


b3 After the etching and piercing process.



 b5                                                                                                Attaching the chain.


b6 The finished silver single Butterfly necklace.



Copper and Silver Dragons Necklace

db_dragons1 Basic design for the Dragons necklace.



db_dragons2                                                                                                Preparing to saw out the copper dragon.


db_dragons3 Copper Dragon.



db_dragons4                                                                                                 Silver Dragon.


db_dragons5 Both Dragons.



db_dragons6                                                                                                        Joining the Dragons together.


db_dragons7 Making the chain links.



db_dragons83                                                                                            The finished Copper and Silver Dragon necklace.

Silver Dragon Necklace

db_dragon1 The basic design for the Dragon Necklace.



db_DragonB3                                                                                                 Preparing the design to be sawn out.


db_DragonB4 Starting to look like a Dragon.







db_DragonB2 Making the links for the chain.



db_DragonB7                                                                                                Attaching the chain.


db_DragonB82 The finished silver Dragon necklace.